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August 14th, 2019 Loading Comments...

It’s amazing how quickly weather can change on the coast.  In just two hours time, the looming fog we had seen covering the valley floor was pushed by a cold wind and fully entombed the formerly sunny slopes.  The plan of a 360 degree view from the proposal platform had been thwarted, and Kate and I were at a loss.  

The beautiful thing about being a photographer is that every time you think you have a plan, something goes wrong. Uncle Murphy may be the most dependable member of my family.

Kate and I sprung into action and completely changed the scene that the soon to be proposer was expecting.  I threw some sticks and dry grass into a rustic rock fire place, and to my surprise, it lit the first time.  Kate hand drew a sign that said “this way” and I moved the drinks onto the bar surrounding the fire pit.  Right as we finished stringing a few bistro lights through the bushes, a pit formed in my stomach.

You could hear them before you could see them.  The sound of gravel under moving tires was a dead give away; we were out of time. Kate and I leaped into our hiding places as Jen and Chris walked towards a crackling fire.  I lay prone on the upper balcony hoping not to be spotted.  As they sat down, Kate and I began to emerge and snap photos, there was nothing but love on the other side of my lens.  Jen looked the happiest I’d ever seen her, it was as if the fog had rolled in on purpose to allow for this moment to be the most beautiful thing on the mountain.  At this point,  I didn’t care if they saw us, it was all but over and the gig was up.  Our friends were getting married and it was electric.

After a few photos, I sent a text to Jen’s mom and she signaled the troops. Within minutes about 30 of their closest family and friends surprised the newly engaged couple.  The night was full of stories and sentiments about Jen and Chris.

I tell Kate all the time that the most dynamic thing about us is the people in our lives.  We’re so incredibly blessed to have friends to look up to, who push us by their example, and in turn make us better people.

We are so excited for our friends Jen and Chris, you are beautiful and beautifully kind.  Bring on the Bowsher wedding!